Saudis Whine About ‘Outrageously Dressed’ Tourists On Newly Acquired Red Sea Islands

JAFFA, Israel – Numerous complaints about “outrageously dressed” tourists have been registered in Tiran and Sanafir, the two Red Sea islands Egypt transferred to Saudi Arabia last month.

On April 11, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Sisi signed an agreement in Cairo with the visiting King Salman to transfer the two islands that his country controlled since 1950. He was roundly accused of “selling off” pieces of the Egyptian homeland for money and to ensure his political survival.

Pictures of minimally dressed tourists en route to the beach sparked outrage in Saudi Arabia, leading some Saudis to call for the enactment of Sharia law in the islands.

“This island is now ours, isn’t it? So why are the tourists naked?” Hijaz tweeted.

Abu Faisal retorted: “The tourists are welcome if they respect our country, our religion and our values. They’re not welcome if they carry a bottle in one hand and a prostitute in the other.”

“These tourists are a thing of the past,” Wafa tweeted. “Nobody should come here. We’ll erect a wall around the islands, and if you come here by boat we’ll sink it.”

“Be patient, we’ll soon make the tourists stop coming,” another tweeted.

“And that bastard sold our land to these people?” Khaled wrote. “Allah damn him and his followers, and anyone who ensures that he remains president.”

Twitter user Advisor threw cold water on the Egyptian commenters: “You are opposed to Sharia law? I’m pretty sure you don’t because you like Islam, the religion Allah brought down to earth right after he brought down our father Adam to earth.”

Via Breitbart Jerusalem

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