Say This 1 Word to a Muslim in Obama’s America, and You Risk Going Straight to JAIL…


(Conservative Tribune) Violating President Barack Obama’s “social justice” rules cost Massachusetts resident Jose Ortiz dearly this past July when, after rudely yelling the word “terrorist” at his Turkish neighbor and his two kids, he found himself in a jail cell.

According to local station WWLP, Ortiz’s thoughtless but otherwise legal behavior provoked his neighbor into dialing the police.

When they arrived to investigate, Ortiz reportedly locked himself inside his home. After the authorities obtained permission from his girlfriend to take the door down, however, he unlocked it but then ran into another room.

After some sort of discussion with Ortiz, the officers arrested him on a number of charges, including disturbing the peace, obstruction of justice, and interfering with a person’s civil rights.

While we certainly do not approve of Ortiz harassing his neighbor — in the presence of his neighbor’s two children, we might add — we still find ourselves scratching our head over what happened to him. We are especially concerned with the charge pertaining to civil rights.

Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that the “conspiracy to interfere with civil rights” revolves around three behaviors: A suspect “preventing (an) officer from performing duties,” a suspect “obstructing justice” via intimidation of some kind or a suspect “depriving persons of rights or privileges.”

Ortiz exhibited none of these behaviors, and yet he wound up in jail on what appeared to be a trumped-up civil rights charge.

All in all, it seems for the most part like Ortiz was unfairly targeted for simply acting like an ill-mannered jerk. But if acting in a scurrilous manner is now illegal in Obama’s America, then, well, shouldn’t President Obama be in jail as well?

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