SC Cop Who Slammed Black thug Student Gets Good News as New Video Reveals What we didn’t see before

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The South Carolina video of a classroom confrontation between a white sheriff’s deputy and a black student just got a whole new angle.

Speaking with NBC News earlier this week, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott revealed that a third video existed that shows the Spring Valley High School student flailing her arms and trying to punch Deputy Ben Fields as he flipped over her chair.

The incident began Monday in Columbia after the student refused to turn over to a teacher a cellphone she was using in class and then refused to leave the classroom. Fields was called in to assist, and after the girl refused to comply with his orders, he took action.

Two videos of Fields ripping the student from her chair and dragging her along the floor soon went viral, leading many to argue that this was a clear-cut case of police brutality and racism. But as has happened before, the new video might tell a different story.

By Monday evening, Fields had been suspended without pay and an internal investigation had been launched. Two days later, Lott revealed that a third video essentially vindicated Fields.

“I wanted to throw up,” Lott said in regard to the first video. “This makes you sick to your stomach when you see that initial video. But that’s just a snapshot.”

According to Lott, the third video showed the student attempting to punch Fields in the face after he put his hands on her. The point appears to be that Fields had no other option but to pull the girl out of her seat and try to get her under control.

These captured images from the Facebook Page “Police Officers” clearly show what the student did that the media has no intention of reporting.



One of the videos taken as a school resource officer slammed a student sitting at her desk at a South Carolina high school also shows her punching the deputy during the confrontation, authorities said Tuesday.

That video, described by Sheriff Leon Lott as the “third video,” will play a part in the internal affairs investigation into whether Senior Deputy Ben Fields violated policy in Monday’s incident at Spring Valley High School in Columbia.

There are at least three videos that have surfaced of the incident — which shows the girl flailing at the officer as he is already in the middle of flipping her chair over — and their distribution online has caused an uproar on social media.

It’s not clear whether the sheriff was referring to those videos, or if there’s still another angle on the incident.

By Monday night, Fields was suspended without pay and was asked not to return to any of the school campuses within the Richland School District Two.

The Justice Department and the FBI announced Tuesday they would open their own investigations into whether the girl’s civil rights were violated. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is also conducting a separate probe.

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