SCARY! Doctors To Ask Patients About Guns In Home Under Obamacare

If your doctor is asking you whether you have guns at your house, then you need to RUN, don’t walk, RUN out of his or her office. If you happen to like your doctor, and don’t mind him or her prying into your personal life at that level, well, stay. I would suggest lying like hell about it, though.

Imagine if your doctor puts it in your records that you’re a gun owner. Time goes by, and he becomes concerned for your “mental” health for whatever reason. He thinks you drink too much, or maybe you take medication to help you sleep & he’s concerned you might lack the mental acuity to handle a firearm. Any reason at all.

Next, out of “genuine” concern for your health (or because he’s a lib), he contacts the local police and tells them he’s concerned about you. The police contact a federal agency… Oh crap, all downhill from there.

From Federalist Papers:

I went to the doctor this morning – nothing urgent, just a checkup for a mid-40s guy who hasn’t been to the doctor in years, but when they gave me that ubiquitous survey about my lifestyle (Do you smoke? How often do you drink?), I was looking for one particular question:

Do you own a gun in your home?

Doctors are increasingly asking this question, and conservative lawmakers are trying to stop them.

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott signed a law in 2011 banning doctors from asking about firearms in their patients’ lives, The Washington Post is reporting.

But doctors still think this is a great idea … you know, to protect you from yourself. In a new study, they said that no law should stop them from asking about guns:

With all the talk from Hillary & libs about requiring mental health evaluations for those wishing to purchase firearms, if you own guns already, you don’t want to have that on your medical records before those laws go into effect (hopefully they never do). It won’t come off your records. It’ll be there forever, and if your doctor all of the sudden becomes concerned, well, crap, it’s over for you.

Hillary Clinton said that she wants to keep guns out of the hands of those “suffering from mental illnesses.”

The question is, who is the one would determine whether a person suffered from mental illness? Would the federal government dictate to medical professionals the guidelines for such a determination? I’m sure they would try. They could put some serious hoops in the way for would be gun owners to jump through.

Make things easy on yourself. Dump any doctor who asks if you have guns, find one who supports the Second Amendment (hey, interview them, nothing wrong with that), and once you found a doctor who shares your love for the Constitution, tell all your gun buddies so they can give that doc their business! Support all around, and to hell with those stinking libs who hate you enough to want to take your firearms so you can’t protect yourself or your family from an increasingly violent world.


“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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