After School Bans Kid’s Trump Hat, The Donald Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

A nine year old was prohibited from wearing his Donald Trump hat to school – treatment I’m sure he never would’ve received had be came to school bearing Hillary or Sanders flair.

To make matters worse, his hat was destroyed shortly after he was prohibited from wearing it to school. But then The Donald intervened…

The Young Cons report:

Little Logan is a big Trump fan and even got his Trump hat autographed by the man himself at a recent rally. But school administrators told him the hat was a danger to him and other students and demanded that he stop wearing it to school.

The Fresno, California, boy wore his hat to school for the first three days after he had the candidate sign it at the rally, but each day teachers say the hat caused disruptions.

“The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” Logan told ABC News.

“I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like,” the boy said.

The boy’s stepmother says when Logan took his hat off to play by the pool, their small dogs got to the hat and ripped it up pretty badly.

But all is well, in the end. As IJReview reports, Trump heard of the boy’s troubles and is sending out a brand new “Make America Great Again” hat.

Say what you want about Trump, this is pretty cool! I bet his school’s administrators will be thrilled.

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