School Bully Harasses Girl…It Would Be The WORST Mistake Of His Life—She Knocks His ASS OUT! (VIDEO)


There couldn’t be a more perfectly planned viral video as this one. The story goes that a girl was being bullied online by a boy from a different school in California. She had some martial arts training and was tired of being the victim. She put on the girliest dress she could find, she tracked him down at the neighboring school and then confronted him. The video starts about the time when the girl in the dress throws the boy, who is bigger than her, to the ground and starts kneeing him in the face.

The girl has since been suspended for the violence but I’m thinking the bully is being punished even more. How will this kid live it down that he was taught a lesson by some girl? Plus he had to attend school with a black eye. Brazilian Pro Jiu Jitzo Champion, Kit Dale posted the video on his Facebook page after he got permission from the girl to post it.

A teacher rushes to the scene screaming, “Who is that girl?” And that is because the girl does not attend that high school, she attends Creekside High School, an alternative school located on the campus. On her lunch, she went to the other high school to seek out this lad.

The motivation for her obliteration was allegedly because the boy bullied her online, posting nasty messages on her Facebook. When she confronted him about the disparaging comments “he threw water at her.” She then went beast mode.

Some people are condemning the girl for her actions and some are saying she didn’t do enough. What do you think? Did she handle her issue in the most effective way? WARNING: Watch at your own discretion. Video is violent and is replayed over and over…

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