School DESTROYS Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program, Replaces With Something BETTER…Look What INSTANTLY Happened!

Imagine your local school loses $40,000 in funding because the kids throw the lunch away.

Sounds terrible right? Who would throw food away? Who would want to lose $40,000 in lunch program reimbursements?

No one, right?


When your school uses the Michelle Obama lunch program, then pretty much everyone throws the nasty food away. The food is barely edible, lowest quality garbage you can find. She wouldn’t let her kids eat this, so why is she trying to force her nasty food on everyone else?

When you see the majority of students throw the food in the trash, directly from the cafeteria line, then it’s time to investigate and figure out a solution. How do you get the students to eat the food?

The easiest solution was to stop serving them the equivalent of dog food. That’s what one school in PA did. They basically ditched the awful Michelle Obama free lunch program, opened a free market, and now their kids are eating like they’re supposed to.

“You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” she noted. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

Obama’s lunch program is based on the belief that children lack the wisdom to make quality choices in the lunchroom. As such, they allegedly need cookie-cutter programs to direct their eating habits, regardless of their varying ages, sizes and genders.

“(Y)ou can’t say that a 300-pound football player and a 90-pound cheerleader have the same (dietary) needs on a daily basis,” Lago remarked.

This isn’t even the worst one I’ve seen!

Before anyone thinks this is about feeding spoiled kids junk food and wants to comment about that- I challenge you to visit your local inner-city public schools and look at Michelle Obama’s food.

It’s literally the most disgusting food that you will ever see.

If you have kids in these schools, then have them take pictures of the food and post it in the comments for us.

We would love to see her nasty food!

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