GENERATION OF PU**IES: School District Tells Faculty Not To Use Words ‘Boy’s Or Girls’ Anymore


A presentation by CMS that was given to principals and counselors is recommending that children at school no longer be referred to as boys and girls. Instead, they should be called scholars and students. This is part of CMS bully prevention regulations which is a policy used to eradicate gender pronouns. An agenda of the progressive left of the Democratic Party.

One of the other policies allows their students to do extracurricular activities as well as overnight trips that are specifically based on their gender identity. Meaning, someone who identifies as a girl, even if they are biologically born a boy, can participate in an all girl overnight field trip or extracurricular activity.

A different CMS policy makes it so that CMS must evaluate all of the gender based activities and,

maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose.”

However, the North Carolina Values Coalition is now calling these new gender rules radical and a violation of privacy, which most agree with. Tami Fitzgerald the NC Values Coalition spokeswoman said,

School is no longer about reading, writing and arithmetic. It is now about gender fluidity.”

CMS Chief Communications Officer Kathryn Block said his about the pushback,

CMS remains fully committed to supporting its transgender students and nurturing a safe and welcoming environment for every student and employee.”

The most commonly known policy refers to bathrooms which allows for students to use the bathroom of the gender in which they identify with. It will be implemented at the start of the next school year. This is because the U.S. Supreme Court placed a hold on a judges order that was in a position to allow this policy. The Coalition is planning a rally outside Government Center before a school board meeting this week.

It’s one thing to allow transgender children to use the bathroom they want. I don’t really care. Let them use the bathroom they identify with. So long as they wash their hands, who cares. But to implement policies that affect less than one percent of the population to the detriment of the other ninety nine percent is preposterous.

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