School Forces Students to Celebrate Christmas Covered with Muslim Symbolism; Parents Furious


via Politistick: Political correctness has ruined Christmas for one Texas family. When Tammy Samour sent her 7-year old daughter, Leah, to school last week, little did she know that she’d return home with her hands covered with henna drawings.

After researching about henna and discovering its connections to Hinduism and Islam, Mrs. Samour was furious. To make matters worse, henna is not something you can just wash off. So, her daughter will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day with the symbolism of other religions all over her hands.
Ed White Elementary School, located in Seabrook in the Clear Creek Independent School District, had a Multicultural Day. As part of the festivities, students used henna to paint designs on their hands. That is the part that has Tammy Samour so angry.

“I saw her hands were decorated and asked her what is this and she said it’s henna. I didn’t know what that was,” said Mrs. Samour. Discovering the connections of henna to Hindus and Muslims, Mrs. Samour became very concerned and attempted to remove the paint. But, she found that it can’t be simply scrubbed off. It will take weeks for it to fade away.

So now, a little 7-year old girl and her family will be forced to celebrate Christmas, and take their Christmas family photo, with Hindu and Muslim symbolism covering the girls hands.

“It’s upsetting to go through Christmas with another religion’s celebratory symbolism all over my daughter’s hands,” an understandably upset Mrs. Samour said.

The school district reassured the family that the only purpose of the activity was to celebrate diversity. To this, Mrs. Samour said, “Exploring other cultures is a wonderful thing,” said Samour. “But tattooing another culture’s expressions on my daughter is not acceptable.”

The district did send out an email about the henna activity, but acknowledge that they failed to explain what henna is and should have done so.

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