BREAKING: School On LOCKDOWN With Officer Down In This State, Shooter Still At Large – Here’s What Else Is Happening Now

Update: The Delaware State Trooper has succumbed to his injuries. Video of the procession is at the end of the article.


The Delaware police are closed in on a suspect who allegedly shot a State Trooper at a Wawa store near Middletown, Delaware. The crime had placed nearby schools on lockdown as the area was being searched for the suspect. All schools located in the Appoquinimink School District were included in the lockdown.

It’s now being reported that the suspect was holed up in his home and firing shots towards officers who’ve converged on the property.

The State Trooper who was shot has not yet been named, but was last reported as being in critical condition at a hospital.

Via AFF:

The shooting happened around 12 p.m. at the store on Pulaski Highway (Route 40) near Salem Church Road.

While the exact circumstances of the shooting have not been released, a witness tells Action News the trooper was on the ground when the suspect shot the trooper execution-style.

A witness told The News Journal that he was stopped at a red light near the store and heard gunfire. When Clarence Travers looked over, he saw an officer in a blue uniform fall to the ground.

Travers told the newspaper that a man then got out of his vehicle, walked around the officer’s SUV and shot the officer on the ground multiple times before running off.

Execution style crimes should be rewarded with execution style sentences from a judge. It’s a darn shame this witness wasn’t armed or he could’ve helped the officer at the most horrible time of need. This crime will be stuck in Travers’ head forever. Being there, helpless, unable to do anything to help as an armed criminal shoots a State Trooper, must hurt this guy on the inside. You know he probably wanted to help, but without a weapon of his own to fight the criminal with, then what could he possibly do?

Another witness told Action News “Then the guy pushed the officer, I guess he was trying to get to the car or whatever. When he pushed the officer and he ran, so he pushed him and ran,” the witness said. “I didn’t understand it, I thought he was trying to push him and get away. He pushed him then he started shooting.”

According to this witness, the criminal pushed the State Trooper to the ground, shot him, then ran away. After that, another witness named Monica Moore stated that people ran to provide CPR services to help save the officer before the ambulance arrived.

Police say a male suspect is refusing orders to surrender and continues to fire at officers.

It is believed that he is inside the home by himself. Hostage negotiators were trying to establish contact with the man.

Police were led to the development after receiving tips and information from witnesses at a Wawa in Bear, Delaware, where the trooper was shot.

Residents in the area are being told to stay inside their homes and lock their doors until notified otherwise.

Normally I would ask for a better description of the suspect other than “male” – can we get a size, shape, and color? However, in this particular situation, the suspect is already hiding in his home and firing shots out the window. It won’t be long until the smoke the guy out, blast him into next year, or if need be – send one of those robots in with an explosive and take him out like it’s the 4th of July and this is the All-American fireworks show.

Why have a shootout when we can blow the guy up? One stick of dynamite is all it takes!

While the police and negotiators work to apprehend the suspect, the fallen State Trooper is suffering from a pointless attack from a suspect who will likely end up spending the rest of his life in prison or shot on the spot at his own home.

Is that the type of life that criminals want to live? If this guy wanted a “death by police” suicide, then he could’ve simply shot at the State Troopers feet and then let the Trooper shot him. Why try to take other people out with you? Just take yourself out and stop being selfish. The other option is to go get help. No matter how bad someone has it, there’s always people who would hate if they were gone. There is always someone who will miss you.

Video of the procession for the trooper.

Check back for updates on the barricade situation and to find out the motive of the shooter.

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