School SLAPS Vets In The Face, BANS Popular Veteran’s Day Tradition For ‘Safety’


From Mad World: As the lunacy in our nation grows at a blinding rate, a story has emerged about an Iowa school that slapped our nation’s heroes directly across the face. School administrators decided it would be a good idea to ban a popular Veteran’s Day activity on school grounds, and they’re claiming it’s all in the name of “safety,” if you can believe that.

For decades, people have gathered at the Belle Plain High School on Veteran’s Day to pay tribute to our nation’s bravest men and women, but this year isn’t going to be the same as the rest, according to KWWL-TV. The lunatic liberal administrators at the school took it upon themselves to ban the most popular part of the November celebration in the name of safety, and it’s not sitting well with locals.

School SLAPS Vets In The Face, BANS Popular Veteran’s Day Tradition For ‘Safety’

There’s not a single recorded death from the timeless honor of the 21 gun salute to date, yet the school totally did away with it this year. That’s right, the 21 gun salute, which is a favorite among the local people, isn’t going to happen at the school’s Veteran’s Day celebration, because, gun violence! How stupid can people get?

School SLAPS Vets In The Face, BANS Popular Veteran’s Day Tradition For ‘Safety’

Fortunately, a local member of the American Legion Post 39 offered up his own yard across from the school so that the honor can continue, but that didn’t quell the concern people have that the trend from the school may spread. Many from Post 39, along with residents in the area, fear that high schools across the state, and maybe even the country, will follow suit and move to disrespect our veterans in the name of political correctness, and with the way our nation is going, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

This story is a great example of the pure lunacy in our nation surrounding guns as a whole. The 21 gun salute is a time-honored tradition to pay respect to the fallen heroes of our nation, and it has caused exactly zero deaths since it was started. Yet, these idiots don’t want it to take place on school grounds anymore because they’re irrationally afraid of the very thing that would keep their worthless hides safe should they come under attack by a criminal. Makes perfect sense.

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