WATCH Senator Schumer Oscar Performance! Flanked By Muslims, Turns On Waterworks, Says Unthinkable About Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer has got to be the most despicable Democrat in the Senate today. Harry Reid held that important role before, but after this stunt, I’m willing to give Schumer the crown.

Taking note from Barack Obama, Sen. Schumer herded out the stage props and got the waterworks flowing right on camera in a show of disgusting partisanship. Schumer called upon President Trump to reverse his immigration executive order “immediately” and suggested that any bipartisan groups that wish to destroy the order, introduce legislation that would overturn it.

With tears in his eyes – much like Barack Obama’s Sandy Hook plea – and a Muslim family on the flanks, he let the emotional roller coaster fly as he called upon the words of Emma Lazarus:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”(start phony tears)

He then pauses for emotional effect – because a good lefty can’t see past anything that looks dramatic to find a reason – and then proceeds to call the executive order,‘mean-spirited and un-American’.

Really Chuck? So how would you know what American is, because I can tell you that yours and the left’s vision of who and what Americans are is light-years away from what everyone else sees as American. The right, the independents, and middle America are sick of you political hacks, and you coastal elites that proclaim to know ‘who we are’.

We have had enough of that with Obama, and we aren’t taking it from you or your phony political-hack partners. You lost the election, and you lost it badly, and it was the results of you and your ilk, doing what you are doing now – proclaiming to be angels who know what’s best for everyone.

The phony tears, the Muslim family prop. Everyone knows you couldn’t give two craps about any of this. You and every partisan hack are in it for your own benefit.

You disgust America, Schumer. You are un-American.

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