Screaming Black Man Says Whites Have To Give Him Their ‘Slave Money’ — What He Demands Next Will Piss You Off

He has a sick plan to make whites pay...

It’s incredibly tragic what our country has become over the past 8 years thanks to the race war that Barack Hussein Obama manufactured while president. Now we have white people being constantly victimized and demonized simply for the color of their skin, as these progressive liberal snowflakes continue to undo decades worth of civil rights progress where reverse racism is now perfectly acceptable. As we’re hearing more and more incidents lately of whites being segregated and banned from black-only restaurants, graduations, and college dorms, now a sick video is starting to make its rounds of what one black man is demanding immediately from all whites, proving yet again who the true racists in America actually are.

Harvard University’s black-only graduation ceremony

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen just how far liberals are willing to go in order to make whitey pay for what they believe is owed to blacks in America, despite the fact that people living today had absolutely nothing to do with the slavery that happened 200 years ago. Segregation is now making an ugly comeback in our country, as evidenced by universities such as Harvard holding separate graduation ceremonies, Colorado State University announcing plans for black-only housing, and The American University in Washington D.C. now having a black-only cafeteria on campus where whites will be banned from eating at. But simply excluding whites and making segregation acceptable in our society is only half their plans. Now these black liberal snowflakes across America have a sick new demand. And if whites are unwilling to go along with it then guess what: they’re just going to take it!

Since you probably don’t have the time or patience to watch the entire video below that contains over 5 minutes of mind-numbing stupidity, I’ll give you the cliff-notes version. In the following video, a black snowflake by the name of  Gazi Kodzo begins his tirade by equating whites to idiotic dogs who “must be trained.” He claims that every single freedom and ounce of money that whites enjoy today has been made possible by wealth that white people’s ancestors stole from blacks, and therefore whites must pay back reparations, in the form of money, to all blacks now living in America.  After several minutes of senseless and racist ranting, Kodzo they concludes his tirade by calling all whites “cave beasts” who he plans to use as “revolutionaries for African people.”

But there’s just one catch. As Kodzo is well aware that not all white people are going to automatically jump on his band wagon and start handing over all their wealth to blacks, he has a solution for that too: blacks should simply TAKE WHAT IS OWED TO THEM BY FORCE. He then tells whites to go his website, and click the red button that says “pay reparations” and give all their money to him. Here’s a screenshot of his website below:

This sickening video comes right on the heels of an another alarming event that took place last week that we reported on, where a black professor is echoing the same sentiments. University of Hawaii math professor Piper Harron recently unleashed her anti-white anger in a hit piece titled  “Get Out The Way” that she authored for the American Mathematical Society (AMS), where she demands that all whites “get out of the way” of blacks in America, by immediately quitting their jobs are taking a demotion in order to make room for blacks who deserve success above everyone else. You can check that article out here. 

University of Hawaii math professor Piper Harron

Despite the fact that only 5% of people alive today had ancestors in America who owned slaves, liberals continue to be obsessed with reparations, as a way to make an entire group of people pay for the injustice of slavery, whether they had anything to do with it or not. But what’s even more dangerous about this type of “social justice” thinking is it flies in the face of what Martin Luther King Jr. marched and died for, where he dreamed that one day people would be judged for the content of their character and not for the color of their skin. But leave it to these whiny snowflakes to continue to dismantle decades worth of civil rights progress, all because they simply can’t get over their hurt feelings.

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