SCUMBAG ALERT: Texas Sized Scum Bag, Sex Predator, Con Artist, Stolen Valor Thief


WARNING:  John Edwards Yarbrough is a danger to your children.

In the small west Texas town of San Angelo, lurks a panhandling problem that plagues many cities around the United States. However, this one specifically is outright disturbing.

digitally enhanced image to bring out text on sign. it says "VET Homeless" on top
digitally enhanced image to bring out text on sign. it says “VET Homeless” on top

Many residents have noticed a man begging for money using his veteran status on a main street corner. These people have been duped by this man’s phony scam and have taken to social media to expose him. In doing so this alleged homeless vet has threaten those who have caught onto his illegal scheme.

One person even stated John Edwards Yarbrough was at an auto dealer recently looking to make a vehicle purchase.

Don’t be fooled by this con artist! He’s not a veteran, and he’s definitely not homeless.


One thing is for sure according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, John Edwards Yarbrough is a high risk sexual predator with a lengthy rap sheet for preying on young children. He’s coming in direct contact with children on his panhandling scams every day, and the San Angelo Police Department need’s to lock this scumbag away.

A simple search of his record revealed he tried to cut off his ankle monitor and he was arrested. This man is a clear danger to the public and your children.

When I pulled his military records through the Department of Defense they showed no record of military service. This is a federal crime to solicit money using the status of a veteran when you’ve never served. All the proof is right here, we have a photo of him, his veteran sign and the records from the DoD.

I call on the citizens of San Angelo to contact the local authorities and demand this scumbag be locked up for his illegal activities.



We know sexual predators aren’t the smartest people around, and obviously the same applies to John Yarbrough. A simple search revealed his Facebook page with his creepy selfies posing on his bed. I’m sure he’s probably soliciting minors online because we all know there is no cure for sexual predators.



One thing to note is that he ‘liked’ a new popular restaurant called Twin Peaks on his facebook page which you can see here. This place is similar to a Hooters like establishment where girls serve food in scantily clothing. We can assume he’s a regular here so keep an eye out for this sleazeball girls, he’s probably stalking his next victim.


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