Scumbag Hillary Pimps Teen with RABID Hillary Supportive Parents To TRASH Trump! DISGUSTING (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton is caught in a scandal where she possibly paid off a teen actor whose psycho Father lacks testosterone and supports Hillary more than a Muslim terrorist loves dynamite vests.

Deplorable, right?

What did you expect from someone who can’t fill a small venue the size of a middle school gymnasium?

Watch this video, read our thoughts, then tell us what you think in the comments.

100 percent fed up – Brennan’s father is Daylin Leach a left-wing member of the PA House, who happened to mention how offended he was by Trump’s alleged “fat pig” comment in his Facebook post below.

The Youtube Spanglevision owner did amazing investigative work to prove his case. From his Youtube video: Hillary has no shame; she used a 15 year old child actor (Brennan Leach) to further her anti-Trump narrative. What kind of role model is Hillary for women teaching teenage girls that cheating is an acceptable form of winning?

Look at the venue in Haverford, PA. You would think the democrat nominee for President of the United States would draw a bigger crowd and have people begging to get in. That place doesn’t look that full at all. It looks just a little bit bigger than the turnout of a typical back to school night.

It’s like a meeting of deplorable soccer Mom’s who don’t know anything better than to hate Trump for calling Rosie O’Donnell fat, and the rest are people paid to be there to look supportive.

Here’s a tip – Rosie IS fat. Get over it. She tips a scale harder than the iceberg that hit the Titanic. You can’t act like she’s a skinny model when she’s a piggish human being. Tribes in Africa would skewer her and feed two villages.

The fact that Hillary might engage in behavior where she has to hire someone to say things so it looks legit is both – bad acting and extremely lame.

The girl’s father is such a rabid Hillary fans that you’d think they’d be foaming at the mouth like some rabies infested raccoons gnawing on a metal trashcan for some leftover ham sandwiches and chocolate pudding.

Good riddance to that guy, he’s a putz.

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