SCUMBAG Referee’s Are Now DISRESPECTING the National Anthem! FIRE THEM!!!


There goes the world’s IQ…dropping another 100 points with yet another boso kneeling for the National Anthem of America. This time it’s not player, or a National Anthem singer, nor a cheerleader.

Nope, this time it’s a referee. A referee, I’d like to throw a rotten tomato at.

This PAID referee, yes PAID, thought he would make himself the next “Colin Kaepernick a-hole” and took a knee during the national anthem at a High School football game in Southwest-Crotan High School.

Again, this man is a paid referee, it is his job to show up and referee High School games…and he chose to take the time to be a total douche. Disrespecting our national anthem, therefore our American heroes, all in the name of Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick.

If feels like we’re paying him to be disrespectful…and that just ticks me off.

Of course he was allowed to do so, and work through the game with no consequences to his actions that we know of so far.

The Daily News reported that N.C. General Assembly Representative Phil Shepard said Saturday, “I just think it’s not right to do that at a high school football game, especially for a official paid by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.”

I sure wish we could get all these boneheads on camera explaining exactly why they are taking this so-called “stand”, if they all keep saying it’s because there are bodies in the streets and no one is doing anything…without any facts to support their claim, they ought to be given the limelight they are seeking for and be given time to sit there and squirm through a REAL explanation.

I’m willing to bet that more than half these dirtbags have NO idea why they are kneeling during the National Anthem, other than it seems like the ‘NEW’ thing to do these days…

This world is so full of people just looking to be famous now (Thanks Youtube, thanks a lot) for NOTHING…that they are jumping on anyone’s bandwagon to do it.

When can we get back to getting recognition for ACTUAL accomplishments!?

This is getting …oh so exhausting.

Do you agree?