VIDEO: Scumbag Thug Tries To Choke Out A Cop, Then Gets MAJOR Surprise!


Cop hating has become all to common place. It has also resulted in an increase of violence directed towards law enforcement officers. Which also happens to coincide with a rise in negative race relations. A perfect example of this dysfunction is an incident that happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A cop was trying to pat down a man and was prepared to handcuff him but then the man ran off as the cop pulled out the handcuffs. But the officer chased after him because he obviously was not going to let him get away.

Watch the scene here,

The cop slams the criminal to the ground as soon as he gets a hold of him. But the man tried resisting and wrapped his arms around the top of the officers head. So the police officer called for a 416 over his radio which in police lingo is code for when you need backup.

The criminal attempted to get passing bystanders to help him screaming help me. But of course, being the sane people they are they did not get involved. Fortunately, the police officer was able to get the upper hand while the man was socializing to get help. He punched the man in his face but the criminal kept attempting to fight back.

So the cop used a taser on the mans chest and the man began to scream to which the police officer responded to stop resisting in a loud and firm voice. Quickly backup arrived within minutes and the criminal was finally able to be handcuffed. Now he is complaining about being homeless. Cry me a river.

His blatant disrespect and ignorance alone makes nobody want to defend him. Besides the fact that his actions are reprehensible and inexcusable. This is what police officers deal with on a daily basis and it continues to get worse as the days and weeks go back. Hatred and resentment is brewing and nothing is being done to quell the resulting violent behavior.