SCUMMY Black Lives Thugs Brutally ATTACK And Rob 82-Year-Old Priest; Beat Him Unconscious!


What kind of scum does something like this? Any bets on Black Lives Matter? Two black thugs mercilessly beat a priest and robbed him last weekend. They assaulted Father Thomas Kearns and stole his car right in front of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. They committed two other robberies as well – in one of them they beat and robbed a Baptist pastor. That’s just downright evil. The clergy may forgive these reprobates, but I sure wouldn’t. This makes my blood boil,

They are both in jail and on a bond of $300,000. That’s far too low if you ask me. Both the priest and the pastor are back at their pulpits and are talking of forgiveness. But they also know they could have been easily killed by these guys. The priest is 82 years-old. The two that did this are monsters and probably beyond redemption. Just sayin’.

From KCTV News 5:

Two men have been charged in the beating of a priest that happened last weekend and two robberies.

Ladarious Barkers, 19, and Marvin Moore, 20, were both charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated battery, burglary and theft in connection with the Oct. 21 attack on Father Thomas Kearns and theft of his vehicle at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.

A second robbery happened on Thursday. A third happened on Friday, with the victim of that robbery being another pastor.

Barkers has two additional counts of aggravated robbery in connection with the second and third incidents. Moore has one additional count of aggravated robbery for the third incident that involved the pastor.

Police say at least two of the crimes are connected. Reverend Louis Sipple with the Timothy Baptist Church says the same two men who robbed Kearns also robbed him on Friday.


After that robbery, police tracked Barkers and Moore to a house in the area near 27th and Garfield. They were arrested after a standoff that lasted for several hours.

Police say the priest was hit in the face and his car and wallet were stolen. Surgery was required for the retired priest. Father Kearns was knocked unconscious during the attack. They were brazen in their attack and vicious – they didn’t just punch these two men of the cloth… they savagely kicked them as well.

After the robbery of the Baptist pastor, the police tracked these guys down. There was a standoff, but unfortunately they surrendered. These two will go right back to their wicked ways after serving what little time they get. They’ll probably recruit others as well.


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