SEAL Chaplain Answers Officer’s 1 Question… Now He May Be FIRED by Obama’s Pentagon


The anti-Christianity sentiment within the Obama administration is strong — even throughout the halls of the Pentagon.

A highly regarded Navy SEAL chaplain was recently disciplined for responding to a gay officer’s question in a way that President Barack Obama’s henchmen in the Pentagon weren’t exactly fond of.

When Lt. Commander Wes Modder, a decorated Chaplain with 19 years of courageous service the United States,was harshly disciplined after he told a gay assistant he worked with for a month that he held biblical views on marriage.

The assistant complained about Modder’s views — views he has every right to hold, of course.

Not long after, Modder said he received a five-page complaint letter and was told to box up his things and vacate his office immediately. Even worse, he wasn’t even given a chance to respond to the complaint — one he called “unconscionable.”

Modder wasn’t aware of his assistant’s sexual preference during the short time they worked together and noted that the assistant repeatedly asked him what his views were concerning marriage.

That wreaks of a setup — as if it were a plan to force out a Christian military chaplain.

“It was insulting and devastating,” Modder said. “I felt discriminated against. How could something like this happen at this stage of my career?”

The order to vacate his office was given by his boss, who just months before labeled Modder as a “consummate professional leader” and described him as the “best of the best.”

That should lead any logical thinker to understand that the order to discipline Modder came from higher up the chain of command.

The Liberty Group, which is handling Modder’s case, has spoken out publicly about the discriminatory matter, as have other advocacy groups (H/T Western Journalism).

Chaplains are being forced to choose between their faith and their jobs, according to attorney Michel Berry.

“We are starting to see cases where chaplains have targets on their backs,” Berry said.

The issue is ridiculous, of course, and only possible under a regime of fascist political correctness. Only in Obama’s Pentagon could a military chaplain get fired for expressing the tenants of his faith.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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