SEAL Team 6 Member Sends BRUTAL Message to ISIS Over Executed Pilot, Says “We Need To…”


In an unspeakable act of horrific barbarity, the radically evil Islamic State terrorists recently burned alive a Jordanian pilot that they had captured.

In response, the King of Jordan vowed to exact revenge on the Islamic State group and started by executing a couple of prisoners that ISIS was hoping would be returned.

Meanwhile, as Jordan stands tough and seeks to retaliate against the terrorists, President Barack Obama issued yet another weak statement that didn’t name the enemy, or even come close to striking fear, awe, or respect into either our friends or rivals.

However, Obama’s weakness in the face of the Islamic State group’s provocation is not shared by the majority of Americans, whose sentiment towards them was summed up by a member of SEAL Team Six.

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, who is believed to be the man who actually shot Osama bin Laden, said this latest execution is the worst thing that he has ever seen.

“I’m actually talking to some other SEALS right now, and in the past 13-and-a-half years of combat, that’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen,” said O’Neill.

“I can’t think about anything else right now,” he added.

He went on to say that the only conclusion he can reach in how to deal with these savage barbarians is to simply wipe them completely off the map, according to The Daily Caller.

“We spend a lot of time letting lawyers fight wars for us while they’re over there burning people alive. We need to put people there and fight an actual war and not worry about rebuilding everything right away,” he said.

“We could wipe them out in no time,” he concluded. “We just have to have the will to do it.”

While the abominable execution has drawn outrage from around the world, it remains to be seen whether this brutal act will work to recruit more radicals to the barbarians and scare the rest of the world, or strengthen the resolve of those nations already engaged against the Islamic State group.

Hopefully, this insanely evil and sadistic execution will only serve as the death knell of the Islamic State group, their last hurrah.

If Jordan steps up, as it appears they are, and they are joined by others such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with increased air cover and intelligence provided by the U.S. military, there can be significant gains made against the terrorist state.

If that occurs, then these snakes can be driven back under the rock from which they slithered or simply crushed under the heel of a concerted and coordinated coalition of nations saying, “No more.”
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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