Sean Hannity Just Woke To DEVASTATING News Hours After He Dared To Make Blunt Announcement On LIVE TV

Last night the Clinton Criminal Machine struck again.

This time it was against The Fox News Network host Sean Hannity. Hannity has broken the story about what appears to be an assassination in order to silence the source of the leaked emails about the DNC and their shenanigans against then candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democrat primaries.

On last night’s show, Sean Hannity was going to present some sort of proof he had uncovered in the Seth Rich murder. But for some reason, and after even Rich’s father had questioned what had happened to his son to the media himself, the family apparently lawyered up.

Interestingly enough they seem to have hired DNC attorneys to go after Fox News and Sean Hannity. At the eleventh hour, Fox News decided to pull and retract the story.

This makes everything even more suspicious. After even a reward of $130k led to no leads in this case, why would the family of Seth Rich not want to get to the bottom of this mystery? They themselves said to the media last year that they felt the story about the supposed botched robbery was suspicious since none of Seth’s belongings were taken. Not even his cell phone which he was using to speak to his girlfriend when he was murdered.

Interestingly enough it seems Sean Hannity has also picked a fight with Media Matters, the far left wing pro-Marxist outfit which is funded by George Soros. Media Matters has a long list of attacking right wing media hosts while keeping quiet against the liberal scumbags who spew hate divisive leftist rhetoric.

This has to be one of the most terrifying stories we have ever reported on. It’s very clear there was foul play in the murder of Seth Rich. And now it’s obvious someone within the DNC is desperately trying to cover it up. Just the fact that the Rich family went from sounding the alarm about the so-called botched robbery just a year ago, to now not wanting to talk about the murder should send shivers up and down our collective spines. Someone out there knows the truth!

Hidden Americans Report: 

The Clintons have known the Kleebs since at least 2008. Scott Kleeb started a business the Clinton Global Initiative was found fraudulently supporting. Seth Rich was deeply entrenched with the Kleebs from their Nebraska Democratic work. Seth Rich was hired onto a position in the DNC out of a job from a data consulting firm which had previously worked with President Clinton, which was opened up because the Clintons pushed for the Voter Expansion project so that 2008 didn’t happen to Hillary in 2016. Seth Rich has at least 2 connections to the Clintons. Jane Kleeb is a voracious environmentalist/Sanders supporter who might’ve prompted Seth Rich to leak the emails, especially after their business was one month earlier revealed for fraudulency. The best way to cover their tracks would be to make this seem like another right-wing conspiracy. His murder was deemed a robbery, but nothing was missing from his person.

2007: Seth Rich works on Ben Nelson campaign for Senate as assistant field coordinator

    1. 2004-2007: Jane Fleming is Executive Director for Young Democrats of America
    1. 2006: Scott Kleeb is running for Nebraska’s 3rd Congr. Seat, beaten by Republicans due to GWBush visit in the district and robo-calls
    1. 2007: Scott Kleeb marries Jane Fleming Kleeb
    1. 2007: Scott is “grassroots” Candidate, should run against Nelson
    1. 2008: Scott doesn’t run for Ben Nelson’s seat but takes Chuck Hagel’s vacated nomination
    1. 2008: Seth Rich works for Scott Kleeb for Senate
    1. 2008: Hillary Loses Bid For President
    1. 2009: Scott Kleeb launches Energy Pioneer Solutions
    1. 2010: Keystone Pipeline inspired Jane Kleeb (an environmentalist) to found Bold Nebraska in protest
    1. 2010: Clinton Global Initiative gives inappropriate funds to Energy Pioneer Solutions at the behest of Bill Clinton Energy Pioneer Solutions is owned by Bill’s Friends

McMahon, “Energizer” according to Secret Service for the Clintons, is 29% stakeholder. Kleebs, Weiner also stakeholders

    1. What happened to Hillary’s Keystone Pipeline stances? Bold Nebraska got what it wanted, but what did Bill get from Scott?
    1. 2014: Clintons push for Voter Expansion Project with DNC

2014: Seth Rich is hired onto Voter Expansion Project in Data Director Role and away from another job at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

  1. Greenberg Quinlan Rosner is the same firm which advised Bill Clinton for his presidency:
    1. May 2016: Energy Pioneer Solutions scandal is uncovered, people assume Bill’s just cheating again
    1. June 2016: Jane Kleeb is a Bernie Supporter, and big time. Beats a Hillary supporter for chair of Nebraska DNC, risking Hillary’s delegates
    1. July 2016: DNC emails obtained by someone with access and hatred towards Hillary-run DNC

July 10: Seth Rich murdered

July 14/15: DNC emails leak

7/25/2016: Julian Assange hints at insider

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