SEAN HANNITY IS P*SSED! What He Just Said About James Comey May Get Him Fired…

FBI Director James Comey, who threw Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign into turmoil by reopening the investigation into her secret email server, closed the case again yesterday.

Comey informed key members of Congress in a letter that the determination he made in July — that the former secretary of state should not face criminal charges — has not changed.

Those who accused the man of trying to rig the election for Trump suddenly went silent. In reality, all Comey did was take attention away from Wikileaks – then pull the rug out from underneath Trump with only two days until the election.

Comey did not go into detail about what agents found. But he indicated it did not rise to the level of a criminal offense.

That’s interesting. Not only did the FBI manage to sort through over 650,000 emails in a mere eight days, they were able to find no wrongdoing from the Presidential candidate who we just learned ordered her maid to print out classified information.

The liberal media may be silent on Comey again – but Sean Hannity isn’t keeping quiet.

As Liberty Writers News reported, Here’s what Hannity had to say.:

Watch Sean Hannity rip into crooked Hillary below.

What do you think?

Did Comey reopen the investigation into Hillary hoping to take her down and get pressed out of it, or is he just another member of the Democrat establishment?

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