Sean Hannity Goes Full Force Against Traitor Megyn Kelly After She Goes Way Too Far

Megyn Kelly recently released her new book Settle For More and it has quite a few juicy details about her coworkers and her ongoing feud with President Elect Donald Trump. Turns out one of her coworkers is lashing out against her comments with a few of his own. In her book, Kelly accused Fox News anchors of feeding debate questions to Donald Trump and pre preparing him for some of the other questions.

Kelly said they would,

“arrange with Trump in advance to ask him certain critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility. This did happen, and it’s been confirmed to me by more than one television executive.”

Household conservative pundit Sean Hannity who also has his own show on Fox News was not happy with her insinuations and went to Twitter, much like his favorite Donald Trump, and exploded on Kelly. See below.

In another social media outburst he said,

“Curious who she was referring to. I am transparent, I want to defeat Isis, protect the homeland and get people out of poverty and working!”


“I would also like to know what people were offered by DT, I was never offered a thing. Never stayed at a DT property played a DT golf course” 

In her book she alleges that Donald Trump attempted to bribe her and others with gifts for better coverage. Specifically, he tried to offer her free airplane tickets and stays at the Trump Hotels in exchange for positive coverage on her show The Kelly File. It seems Hannity has something else to say about it.

It very well could be that Trump attempted to bribe her since she has not always gone easy on him but ignored others such as Hannity since he was already giving Trump good coverage.

Trump has not commented on her book or the allegations yet. But he has not about many things now that his campaign team is in transition and in the process of appointing cabinet members.

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