Sean Hannity EXPLODES On Liberal Idiots Megyn Kelly And Juan Williams When They Started Attacking Trump

Sean Hannity has been a huge supporter of Donald Trump. Not only does he get flack from outsiders but he gets flack from some of his own. All three, Megyn Kelly, Juan Williams and Shepard Smith castigated Donald Trump and so Sean Hannity slammed back. Fox News has seen a division of their anchors with some supporting Trump while others denounced him.

Sean Hannity commented saying,

“My bosses have only given me nothing but support and appreciation for the high ratings I get.”

Hannity has thrown his full support behind the Republican parties nominee. Something that other Republicans have not always done. CEO Roger Ailes complimented Sean Hannity on his reporting and his support of Donald Trump. Ailes supports Hannity’s attempts to boost the parties candidate.

Hannity went on in his comments saying,

“As far as my colleagues? I don’t mean this to be disrespectful, but I don’t care what they think. They’ve got their role, and I’ve got mine.”

Now is an interesting moment for Donald Trump detractors. Now that he has finally won they have to decide to roll back their criticism or face potential downfall. Some are eating their words. Some think that Megyn Kelly is one of those people. A star without a base. They’ve all been proven wrong.

They are surprisingly mum now that Trump has won. Nobody wants to admit they were wrong. Kelly’s contract will be up with Fox News really quickly so many have speculated that she will move on due to her ongoing controversy with Donald Trump. But only time will tell.

If they continue to gang up on and unfairly report on Trump then their ratings will likely continue to plummet. As Kelly’s have. Compared to Hannity’s who has continued to increase and increase over time.

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