WATCH: Seattle Dem Congressional Candidate Stopped Driving Stolen Van Claims Racist Treatment By Cops

A man running for a congressional Democratic seat in Seattle, Washington was pulled over by police officers while driving a stolen car. He was highly uncooperative, even threatening that the law enforcement officer had no clue who he was dealing with. It’s always the people with the lowest positions who think they have more power than they do. He claims the officer was being racist. Leave it to a Democrat to make it a race issue and not a “you committed a crime” issue.

Watch the entire event as it took place here,

MyNorthwest reported,

“Jesse Wineberry, a Seattle Democrat running for Congress, was detained after driving a van that was reported stolen and being extremely uncooperative with police. And now he’s claiming a “conspiracy” to stifle his political career, according to a police report.

Seattle Police Officer Benjamin Flick found a red Toyota that had been reported stolen in the 1500 block of Occidental Avenue South on July 20, according to the report. Wineberry, 61, was the driver and was asked repeatedly to exit the vehicle but did not comply.

After being asked three times to exit the van, he began to drive away from the officers but was quickly stopped. On the fifth command, Wineberry finally started to comply. But Wineberry again ignored police commands, even with more officers arriving.

Wineberry, according to the report, would not “place his hands behind his back” even after being asked nine times. Instead, he told them to “Stop f****ing with me.” He then resisted arrest, refusing to allow officers to place handcuffs on his wrist. At one point, Wineberry allegedly “place[d] his left hand onto the … gun belt of one of the officers.” At the time, he denied reaching for the officer’s gun.”

There is no conspiracy. The only thing going on is this man was caught red handed breaking the law and he looks like a foolish idiot.

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