Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane Posted ‘Kill Cops’ Emoji

Colin Kaepernick started a cop-hating, anti-American trend evidently and other NFL football players are joining in. San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid and Seattle Seahawk cornerback Jeremy Lane have refused to stand for the National Anthem in last Thursday’s games.

This is an extension of Jeremy Lane’s cop hatred. In 2011, he posted on Twitter a gun emoji pointed at a cop emoji’s head. People have been arrested for that and less. Of course, there seems to be special rules for the NFL. They just had a player show a pic on Instagram slitting a cop’s throat and nothing was done about that. I doubt anything will come of this either. To be fair, the tweet was from five years ago, but notice how he joins Kaepernick in his Black Lives Matter protests against the National Anthem and cops now.

From Blue Lives Matter:

Earlier this week, Seattle Seahawk Jeremy Lane shamed his team and disrespected our country by joining Colin Kaepernick and refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Conservative Youtube political commentator Mark Dice, discovered that Lane had previously tweeted a “kill cops emoji.”



It should be noted that Lane’s tweet is almost five years old, and preceded the current Black Lives Matter nonsense. Lane was 21-years-old at the time and made the tweet just prior to being drafted. Nobody seemed to notice the tweet back then, but now that Lane is bringing attention to himself by disrespecting our country, people are starting to notice that his punk attitude is just part of an ongoing issue.

I’m getting massively sick of these sports celebrities being allowed to do this crap. Yes, they have a constitutional right to not observe the National Anthem. But these teams are privately owned and can lay down rules and guidelines for the players… I think this needs to stop. They are encouraging racist, radical hate mongers.

Not only are these players shaming their teams and America, they are inciting violence and the murder of cops. Lane seems to want some of the notoriety of Kaepernick. Lane said he mulled all week over Kaepernick’s words about injustice toward people of color and decided to support him. I doubt he thought about it long at all, considering he was already part of that movement. Not a huge leap there or a noble one.

And here comes the Marxist media fully supporting these racist morons. “I just liked what he’s doing, and I like standing behind him,” Lane told reporters. So, he likes haters. And he really loves cop-haters.

Personally, if it were my team, anyone who disrespected America, police or the military, they would be gone… consequences be damned. If these teams insist on keeping these douches on their payroll, their games should be boycotted. Just say no to Black Lies Matter.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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