Secret Service Agent Makes Shocking Statement About Trump’s Safety After Latest White House Breach—This Is Not Good!

President Trump has the secret service for protection. It’s hard to come by a new president who is more disliked than President Trump thus their service now more than ever is needed. Now a former secret service agent from the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations is speaking out about the danger the new president is in.

His name is Dan Bongino. This Saturday he spoke to Breitbart in an interview where he discussed the new administration. He argued that the White House is not secure as it now stands for safety purposes.

His comments come right after an intruder was found with a backpack right outside of President Trump’s personal quarters. Bongino was also a instructor at the training academy for the secret service as well as a agent himself. The intruder incident is the seventh one in most recent years. He said,

If one guy with a backpack and Omar Gonzales with a bad knee could get near the residence of the White House, can you tell me with a straight face that a forty-man tactical assault team with heavy weapons wouldn’t take that place down?”

The incident he was referring to was in 2014 when a man was able to penetrate the north portico doors of the premises and then carried over a three and a half inch folding knife with him in his back pocket. He said,

This is inexcusable. How many of these are we, as the citizenry, going to tolerate, whether under Barack Obama or now President Trump, before there is enough citizen outrage that the Secret Service actually does something?”

With the increase in protesting and rioted violence their is no excuse for security to be lax for the commander in chief of the United States. Since Trump has gotten used to making former Obama era people resign he should certainly force these inept agents to resign as well and bring in people who can do their job.

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