Well, Well, Well, Look What Secret Service Agent Protecting Mike Pence Was Just Busted Doing And It’s BAD

The left has been after Vice President Mike Pence for quite some time. These rabid liberals cannot stand his strong Christian faith or that he is generally a nice person. Which was illustrated last week when these foaming at the mouth idiots went after Pence for respecting his wife. I know, what a shocker, right? Anyone with any common decency is attacked, but if someone is let’s say caught with a hooker, well, media silence.

For instance, they are media reports that last night one of Mike Pence’s Secret Service agents was caught with a prostitute. The agent was noticed when he left a hotel room where he was subsequently arrested and charged with solicitation. The incident apparently happened last week, and the agent was not off-duty and did not present himself in his official capacity, according to law enforcement sources.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service said that the incident is under investigation and the agent has been suspended.

“We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions,” the Secret Service spokesperson said.

Of course, there are no exposés being written or Social Justice Warriors posting on Twitter about how disgusting this man is.

It is just silent, except for this initial report from CNN.

Watch this quick video for more information.

What is disturbing about this is that the left attacked Pence for having high morals. Which should be desired in a leader, right? Now, this Secret Service agent is caught soliciting prostitution and the media is ok with it. Shouldn’t we expect more from these people? But, this is not the first time that Secret Service has been caught with prostitutes. Back in 2012, former Secret Service agents were caught with prostitutes under the Obama administration. So, when will this end?

If these agents can solicit a prostitute who is to say they can make the proper judgments in the future? Maybe I am reading into this too much, but I am tired of people and their lack of morals.

This agent is in a position to keep the Vice President safe from harm. If he can make this sort of lapsed judgment over this what other bad choices can he make?

H/T [ CNN ]

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