Two Secret Service Agents Just Hauled Away From White House For What They Helped With To Harm Trump

In an unprecedented but excellent move by the United States Secret Service, two agents were fired today over that was clearly a huge showing of ineptness on behalf of these two officers.

All this went down last March 10th. When Johnathan Tran, a 26-year-old California native, of course, jumped the White House main fence. He was spotted on surveillance cameras but couldn’t be found for another 15 more minutes. In that time he proceeded to jump other perimeters and just hang out at the White House grounds without any Secret Service officer even being aware of where he was or what he was doing.

The worst part is Tran was actually stumbled upon by two Secret Service officers who were just doing their routine patrols around the White House parameter. When he was found he had a backpack and actually claimed to be friends with President Trump and had an appointment to meet with him.

The scariest part of this whole incident is this obviously mentally disturbed individual actually almost made it to the executive residence where Trump was at. Apparently, he was found with a can of mace and a letter for the President in his backpack which he planned to give to him.

It’s now being reported the secret service is currently taking steps to fortify the perimeter around the White House. These measures will include the addition of small spikes to the top of the current 6-foot fence which surrounds the White House complex along with a plan to raise the height of the actual fence to 11 feet by 2018. All these steps are a great start but there still has been no explanation as to why they spotted him on camera but still couldn’t locate him 15 minutes later.

He can face up to 10 years in jail for this little stunt.

It was later reported that Tran had been living in his car for a while, eating only junk food and was suffering from job stress. So basically he was your typical 26-year-old from Silicon Valley Californian.

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