Navy SEAL Secretary SHOCKS Everyone when They Catch Him Doing This Alone Outside Lincoln Memorial

D.C. is not a place that is known for its extreme weather. It’s mostly mild winters and pleasant summers make for a perfect middle ground for lawmakers around the country to feel comfortable. Because of its moderate average temperature, any amount of snow causes a virtual shut down of all outdoor activities.

Tuesday, after two to three inches of snow, residents were advised that “In preparation for the delay, many government officials up and down the east coast hunkered down for a slow work day.”

Via Independent Journal Review:

“What newly-minted Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke did was call the cops. Specifically, the U.S. Park Police. This force is under his control as Interior Secretary, and Zinke wanted to do a ride around under emergency conditions. The Park Police had previously provided the hard-charging former congressman and Navy SEAL a horse to ride to work on for his first day at Interior; however, this would be the first time Zinke had seen his new position in a state of semi-emergency situation.

This Independent Journal Review reporter was invited to ride in the back seat of the police cruiser for a day that spanned two states, a couple of secret monument tours, a walk around General Robert E. Lee’s dilapidated home, and the Secretary of the Interior literally shoveling snow off the Lincoln Memorial steps. The ride was a wild one.”

Here is what happens when Secretary Zinke goes out in a snowstorm:

Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson was able to accompany Secretary Zinke as he made his rounds, checking on everything in his purview. When Zinke arrived, he was in a flack Jacket and ready to go.
Johnson, Zinke and his security joined the Park Police, driving down the national mall, as Zinke asked questions of the officer under his command.
The officer informed them both that the Park Police look for ditched motorists and any homeless living in the park who may be trapped during a snowstorm. There are also measures that pertain to trouble makers who want to take advantage of the mayhem and deface monuments.


While checking out these monuments, they found that the Lincoln Memorial had been taped off for safety reasons. Zinke took the time to assess the situation, and then took part in something that we have seldom seen a government official do in the last 8 years:
Zinke stopped his tour to roll up his sleeves and help the park police shovel snow off the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I guess an administration filled with former military personnel is more accustomed to hard work than one populated with sympathizers of radical Islam and anarchists from the 60s (circa 2008-2016).

After he finished helping his brothers in uniform, the former SEAL saw that there were tourists that would be unable to take in the whole experience of the monuments because of the snow and restricted access, so he took the time to introduce himself to 2 of them, and asked if they’d like to see the rooftop of the memorial.

This is a stark contrast to the 2013 Obama administration closing down the national parks service during the government shutdown. When asked if he would ever consider that, Zinke replied:

“No. What is my job? ‘For the benefit and enjoyment of the people.’ How does [shutting down the parks] benefit anybody? My boss would back me up, too. Everybody works for somebody, and the president works for the people.”
Zinke took the time to offer a few more tourists an inside view of the basement of the memorial before moving on.

The secretary was asked how he likes living in Washington ,D.C. His response:

“It’s fine. Where you get in trouble is when D.C. becomes normal. This place is not normal. The people in it, and how it runs, is not normal. You should never lose the perspective of where you come from.”

Asked about the biggest personal changes he has faced since becoming Interior Secretary:

“I used to complain about the grass being too long when I pass by a park in D.C. Now that’s my park! If the trash can is full, it’s my fault! It changes your perspective.”

“Well, that was fun,” Zinke says after exiting the cop car, shaking the snow off his boots and walking back into his building.

What a breath of fresh air it is to have this caliber person in charge of our national parks.

(Source: Independent Journal Review)

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