Security Firm Releases DEVASTATING Video About Hillary; Clinton Campaign Scrambles To Cover Up!

A grassroots organization focused on national security has recently released a video on the Internet over the previous weekend that shows the real side of the corrupt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The video begins with a Morgan Freeman impersonator narrating the four-minute long video. The video goes chronologically through Clinton’s entire life. The DNC video showed the Democratic presidential nominee’s political as well as career accomplishments. But it also focuses heavily on all her scandals. Especially the spoof, the one called “The Video the DNC Wouldn’t Let Play at the Convention.”

It specifically targets Clinton on her involvement with the decades old Whitewater controversy. As well as her heater and debated use of a private email server throughout her failed time as secretary of state.

The voice-over says Clinton “let down her constituents multiple times.” Specifically while she served as a Senator for the state of New York. This was prior to her appointment as secretary of state by the then President Obama.

“This is where her lack of leadership became deadly. Security as a whole is a focal point of this election,” the video said.

Josh Carter whose the director of accounts at Harris Media said,

“Secure America Now is going to use [the video spoof] from now until the election because it’s the truth. It’s her stories and her failures.”

The digital grassroots organization is supposed to be non partisan. They also created the very first Snapchat filter that is political, last year. They are also targeting certain senatorial campaigns in this election cycle. In particular, those candidates who supported to Iran nuclear deal which many argue Obama allowed U.S. soldiers to be bought for ransom.

It’s nice seeing someone in the political arena calling the Clinton dynasty out on their corruption unlike most of the media.

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