President Obama’s deliberate crippling of our nations armed forces is imminent and a grave concern according to a report from the Pentagon. According to the Associated Press, the US Army is laying off 500 Majors (O-4), and many are still deployed to Afghanistan. This bomb shell is coming on the heels of last month’s news of 1,200 Army Captains (O-3) being released due to Obama’s budget cuts.

The Army has close to 514,000 soldiers now, but will have to be down to 510,000 by October, shrink to 490,000 by October 2015 and be down to 450,000 by 2019. In addition, if Congress doesn’t act to prevent automatic budget cuts from resuming, the Army may eventually have to get down to 420,000 — a size that that leaders say may not allow them to wage even one major, prolonged military campaign.

The Army tried to avoid some cuts by slowing enlistments and using attrition and some voluntary separations. It also has been combing through files looking for soldiers with disciplinary or other problems in their annual evaluations to weed out lower-performing officers first, officials said.

Clearly President Obama’s priorities are displayed when making his budget cuts, and the safety of Americans is no where near where it should be. As the president continues to dump billions into social welfare programs and illegal alien suites, a massive void has been left behind which is inviting another terror attack and placing our nations security at risk.

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