See The Haunting Details About Cop Charged With Freddie Gray’s Murder


From MadWorld News: There are six Baltimore police officers facing multiple charges for the series of events that led to Freddie Gray’s death. However, there’s only one man charged with his murder – Caesar Goodson. According to USA Today, the 45-year-old officer has been charged with first-degree, heart-depraved murder.

Depraved-heart murder — the most serious charge leveled against a Baltimore police officer for the death of Freddie Gray — allows prosecutors to charge a person with murder without having to prove that he intended to kill.

Now, one of Goodson’s family members is speaking out about what the charges mean to him. During an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, an unnamed source recently shared details about the gruesome nightmare Goodson’s life has been since April 12.

In addition to suffering from nightmares, with visions of a dying Freddie Gray invading his thoughts, he is also extremely paranoid. The violent riots in Baltimore have left Goodson fearing for the safety of his wife and children. But, the daunting judgment has only made things worse. It has also taken a toll on his wife and children, because his fate and their future as a family is hanging in the balance.

“He cannot get the image of that young man dying in his van out of his mind,” the source said. “He’s been having nightmares. He doesn’t want to sleep. He’s been crying uncontrollably. Any punishment they can give him pales into insignificance compared to how he feels. I don’t care if they said tomorrow to Caesar, we are dropping all the charges, this man will never be the same. He sits up all night long guarding his family. He’s afraid someone will find them and hurt them. He has daughters and a teenage son who adore him. Paula is devastated by this.”

Like many others, the source also scrutinized Baltimore’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, insisting the charges are an example of “crowd-control justice,” which doesn’t exactly “uphold the law.”

“This is political. The system, the players, the timing, it’s absolutely political,” the source said. “It’s a sad situation for everything involved and a lot of innocent people will be impacted by this.”

The critical statement has been echoed by others who also agree the charges are questionable. However, opposing views have argued Goodson’s charges are befitting. It has been reported that Gray was inside the police van for approximately 45 minutes.

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