Self-Centered Driver Cuts In Front Of Waiting Cars, But a Wrestler Intercepts And Teaches Him RESPECT! (VIDEO)

Where are these guys when I’m stuck in traffic in California and some DOUCHEBAG pulls this crap!? Yes, this is hilarious…and so legit at the same time.

It apparently is known as the douchebag movement and it’s taking the streets by storm in Russia! This is what happens when ordinary citizens finally reach their max capacity of patience with stupid, lazy, or selfish people.

By the way…stupid, lazy, and selfish people are a headache to deal with, would you agree? So, this just might be a very necessary movement. Unlike, others we know of…that really have place to exist because they are based on LIES. Can you guess a couple of those ones?


This is what happens with people get fed up in particular with idiot and dangerous drivers that are willing to risk the lives and safety of others just because they are impatient and feel they shouldn’t have to wait around like everyone else to get to where they are going.

In this man’s case…the douchebag movement shows up, does their thing…he gets annoyed and WAY too serious and tries to make a punk move on them. The problem is…he didn’t know that he was trying to throw down with an ACTUAL wrestler…
So things didn’t turn out too well for him.

WATCH: (you’ve got to wait till the end to see where it all goes very wrong…for the driver that is)

Boy, that’s going to leave a mark…or a very bad back ache for weeks. Did you see how he was a lot more stiff walking back to his car then when he got out!?

I can see how he would be annoyed I mean..that sticker was not the friendly kind of glue…he’s going to have to use some special stuff to get every last piece of that stuff off his window. However I am almost certain he will be thinking twice before he tries to pull off to the side of the road like that in the future putting others in danger just to get ahead.

Also…the wrestler did do the right thing in trying to stop the situation from going really bad, really fast…but it couldn’t until he immobilized the douchebag. So he did…

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