Selfie Queen Gets OWNED By Military Vet After Ripping Soldiers Apart [PIC]

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From Mad World: With social media comes great responsibility, along with the necessity to know what you’re talking about before ranting on it. But the latter seems to be irrelevant to some trying to make a misguided point for their equally ridiculous online friends, who will validate the poster’s thoughts with an ego-affirming thumbs up. But one girl on Facebook proved she not only had no idea what she was talking about, but didn’t consider her audience, when she ripped apart United States soldiers, who fight to protect her right to say all the illiterate sentiments she wants.

Facebook user Claire, whose last name will not be mentioned for sake of protecting any last bit of privacy she had prior to her verbal vomit, went online one day to display her disdain for our brave service members, by claiming they are uneducated, goal-less idiots in a rant riddled with grammatical errors.

Claire’s cringe-worthy post is based on her impression that soldiers who come to the espresso stand where she works allegedly want her, not coffee. She’s sick of being the world’s most lusted after coffee shop sex symbol. There’s no evidence of that, it’s just her ostentatious perception of herself, and her rant on the matter is just another way to brag about herself to those that are none the wiser.

Enter Steve…he knows the reality of Claire’s scenario and is quick to point it out and put her in her place. After all, he’s a veteran of the military and as such didn’t take too kindly to her opinion, considering the source and all her poor life choices that she’s so quick to point out in others.

The coffee shop single mom wants “someone who actually has goals in life,” not some soldier who she feels has failed in the aspirations department. What qualifies her to know what goals are and achieving them is unknown, since she dropped out of high school in her sophomore year, according to Steve. While finishing one’s education isn’t an accurate barometer of someone’s inherent intelligence, she’s in no place to call the kettle black, which she did throughout her post, possibly in a way to deflect negative attention from herself.

Note to conceited coffee shop Claire: The bravery of our military will never be understood by someone as simple-minded as you, since that would take a few minutes from looking at yourself to see the sacrifice others have done on your behalf. The life choices these soldiers made have put them in a very demanding and difficult position you’ll never understand while whipping up lattes. But do yourself a solid, show a little appreciation and respect for those who fight for your right to not do much from your pretentious perch, while being able to publicly condemn those who do.

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