Senate Just Delivered Final Blow To Obama’s Legacy — Votes To Overturn THIS Obama Order!

The last 8 years of unconstitutional executive orders and forcing through illegal policies has weighed a heavy burden on the country and the taxpayer. No more so than the ultimate job killer, Obamacare. But now, the pendulum has swung to the other side, and everything is on the chopping block.

Yesterday in the Senate, a vote of 54-45 was struck to abolish Obama’s order that had the adverse effect of almost completely wiping out the coal mining industry and thus taking 83,000 jobs off the job market.

As you might have known, it was the government’s Stream Protection Act that did it – sending thousands of the workers into joblessness.

Obama’s call for this policy was idealistic and selfish. Instead of working with the coal companies to find a middle ground and area of compliance, he plunged the knife in and threw hard working people out of a job.


Now, with the Senate’s vote, that will bring back the coal industry and the tax income dollars made from the behemoth energy field, thousands will be rehired, retrained, and be able to support their families and themselves. As far as the environment is concerned, further jobs could be provided in overseeing that proper procedure takes place and that waste material is kept from contaminating the natural sources of water.

The Office of Surface Mining completion of the new policy book was just completed this last December of 2016, but now that the vote has gone in favor of jobs and energy, that will be thrown out as well along with the Act. The deregulation also contains a block preventing other lawmakers from trying to reestablish the Act.

All it will take now for Obama’s regulation to come off the books is a simple signature signed on a page by President Trump. Who wants to bet that the Left is going to be outraged?…Again.

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