Senator Just WRECKED Nasty Black Democrat Who Attacked Kellyanne, With BRUTAL Reminder Of What Clinton Did On That Couch

Senator Tim Scott drenched the room in sweet laughter at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner. The only problem is that not everyone thought his jokes were funny. We loved them, but you can imagine that dropping a few one-liners about Bill Clinton to a room full of democrats won’t get the laughs.

Tim Scott’s speech defends Kellyanne Conway and that time she put her feet on a White House couch. Scott mentioned Bill Clinton and the things he “allegedly” had relations with on couches in the White House. If there was a nerve button that made democrat shills face instant triggering, that was it.

You can only imagine what the democrats said on their way out and on the ride home. I bet the entire ride home for them was “CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THAT! OMG FEET ARE WORSE THAN BILL DRILLING AN INTERN!!!”

If Tim Scott doesn’t want to be a Senator anymore, then at least he can try the market for stand-up comedy.

Here’s the full video with the hilarity coming later after 12 minutes.

Tim Scott has jokes!

What’s your reaction? How do you think the democrats feel being reminded of their hypocrisy? They’re OK with Bill Clinton’s actions in the White House, and Obama putting his feet on every desk in the building, but then Kellyanne Conway throws her toes on the sofa and it’s like the world explodes?

I say who cares about where people put their feet. We’re trillions in debt, isn’t that a bigger problem? Heck, I don’t even care what Bill Clinton did in the White House. It’s old news, nothing changes it, and while it’s 100% worse than someone’s feet on a couch, it’s also completely irrelevant to today’s times.

I just laugh every time a liberal tries complaining about something and I remind them about Bill Clinton’s DNA on Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

Everyone shuts up really fast.

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