Sex Criminal Claims He’s A Syrian Refugee, Now Britain Can’t Deport Him


Sounds just like America!

From Truth Revolt:  UK’s Express is reporting that an illegal immigrant who sexually molested a woman within days of his smuggle into Britain is dodging deportation because he has claimed to be a Syrian refugee.

Abdulrahman Abunasir has a “frightening” criminal record, according to authorities. During a previous detainment in France, the sexual predator claimed he was Palestinian. The report notes that through various tests and failing to answer basic questions about his supposed homeland, experts now believe he hails from Egypt. But because of the ridiculously blanketed human rights laws in Europe, Abunasir can’t be touched now that he says he’s a refugee from Syria as authorities can’t be completely certain he’s not from the war-torn country.

Currently, he is being held at a immigration detention facility which is reportedly costing British taxpayers £40,000 a year. He has already been at the center for two years. Prior to this, Abunasir served nine months in jail for attacking a young woman.

Express details the incident:

The immigrant attacked and molested a woman outside a cafe in London in 2013 as she walked to her boyfriend’s home.

After approaching the woman Abunasir became aggressive and started to manhandle her before sexually assaulting her.

A judge was told he was “petrified she was going to be raped” and only narrowly managed to escape from his clutches during the late-night assault.

During the High Court hearing, Judge Clive Heaton said: “This was clearly a very serious and frightening sexual offence, committed against a young woman, while she was on her own in the street, by a man unknown to her and who had been in the country in all probability less than a fortnight.

“In my judgment the risk of reoffending cannot be said to be low. He has shown little respect for the law here by his criminal offending, unlawful entry to the UK, failure to present himself as an asylum seeker, and obstruction of his lawful removal.”

Because it has cost £80,000 so far to keep the criminal locked up, many are worried that he will be released back into the streets. The report states that this case is just one example that “makes a mockery of the British justice system” and reveals a severe flaw in human rights laws that would not allow for an illegal criminal to be sent back to his country of origin.

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