BREAKING: HUGE Shakeup In The White House – You Won’t Believe Who Could Soon Be Trump’s New Press Secretary!

The past few weeks have been rather interesting in Washington D.C. For instance, there was the sudden termination of FBI director James Comey. Of course, after that announcement was made the left went nuts. The left claimed the reason that President Trump fired Comey was to cover up the Russian investigation. However, we all know that to be false, but leave it to the left to push the false narrative.

Though while we were all discussing Comey we may have missed that there was more shake-ups brewing. You see, there are more reports surfacing that President Trump may be pursuing a shakeup, including embattled press secretary Sean Spicer. For months many people have said that Spicer needs to be fired after there were some communication missteps.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Here is more about this from Washington Examiner:

Regardless of the very real enmity between the Trump administration and the media, Spicer’s zealous devotion to the most flattering presentation of reality for the administration leads him to engage in needless debating at best, and make offensive gaffes at worst.

Either way, Spicer’s inability to keep from creating a new story based upon his own uneven performance has led to this White House having virtually no “spot-free” weeks regarding media relations since it took office.

From a distance, Spicer’s hiring made sense most as a moderating presence. A figure who could bring nuance to Trump’s own communication style: A brash truth-teller whose brashness sometimes causes him to run afoul of the truth.

Too often, however, Spicer’s strategy has been partisan and inflexible. Considering Trump’s own propensity for boxing himself in with strong, declarative statements, Spicer’s consistent failure to buy the president additional time or allow him to keep his options open in terms of messaging is reason enough to let him go. He has a long resume, but he’s plainly not a great fit for this role.

Now, I have been a HUGE Spicer fan from the beginning and I have enjoyed his no-nonsense delivery to the heavily leftist press pool. But, there is always room for shakeup’s in D.C. and who may take Spicer’s place has everyone talking.

It is said that President Trump has been floating around the idea of bringing Kimberly Guilfoyle as the new press secretary. But, this is not the first time that Trump has thrown Guilfoyle’s name into the mix. Right before Trump’s inauguration, the dark-haired beauty was seen entering Trump Towers mist likely talk about the position.

However, the role eventually went to Sean Spicer, but it appears that Guilfoyle may get her chance again. At the moment Guilfoyle has not responded to the rumors of her taking Spicer’s place. Though she did tweet on Friday that she was sporting Ivanka Trump’s shoes on the set of The Five.

But, that is not all folks. It is also reported that Trump is considering expanding his communication team even further. It is rumored that if Trump did do this that he would hire people from Fox News. The Wall Street Journal reports that a senior communications official on Trump’s staff reportedly called “a network of supportive cable TV surrogates to gauge their interest in joining the team.”

According to

After a pretty tough week for White House press secretary Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump is reportedly mulling a broad shake-up of his communications team, and floated the idea of bringing in Guilfoyle, according to the New York Times.

Six West Wing officials told the Times that Trump is dissatisfied with several top aides, especially Spicer, who the president kept out of the loop about the decision to fire FBI director James Comey out of fear Spicer’s staff would leak the news to media outlets.

Trump’s decision led to a mad scramble by the White House communication’s team following the announcement, leading to a widely-mocked moment where Spicer hid “among the bushes” as reporters sought answers about Comey’s firing.

Trump himself told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro in an interview that aired Saturday night that it would be a “good idea” to end Spicer’s daily news briefing, replacing it with news conferences he hosted himself every two weeks or so.

I guess we will wait and see, but I certainly do like the idea of having Fox News and Kimberly Guilfoyle in D.C. After years of having the news delivered to the American people  with a liberal bias it would be refreshing to have this change of pace.

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