SHAMEFUL: Helping a Hero Using Donations and Wounded Veterans To Fund Founder’s Lavish Lifestyle



We’ve been trying hard to show the public what this charity is doing (READ HERE), and it’s down right disgusting. How many severely wounded veterans have to speak out before people listen? How many times will Helping a Hero and Meredith Iler try to hide their records? How many more times will they screw over veterans?

Just because you have gotten veterans into homes, it doesn’t mean you have a free pass to spend money that was intended for those veterans. That is NOT how a 501C3 works Meredith Iler, and you deserve to be locked in Federal Prison for the rest of your miserable life; and we wounded veterans will ensure the ‘Helping A Hero’ has all its records turned over so proper adjudication can be made by the State of Texas.

Here’s a list of just a few articles about Helping A hero and their illegal activities:


via Dolcefino Consulting: State District Judge Michael Landrum has rejected attempts by the controversial Houston Veteran’s Charity Helping a Hero to conceal 2014 financial records.

Helping a Hero wanted to keep the financial records secret from Dolcefino Consulting, an investigative communications firm in Houston run by long time television investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.

Dolcefino Consulting has been probing the financial practices of Helping a Hero since 2013 at the request of several disabled veterans who think the charity cheated them.

“This charity gets millions of dollars in donations and then spends money trying to fight the public’s right to see how they spend the money”, says Wayne Dolcefino. “In my view that forfeits their right solicit donations.”

Helping a Hero has been the target of complaints from veterans across the country.

In April 2014 Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson told the charity to comply with Texas non-profit laws and the charity did release some financial records.

Since December, Dolcefino Consulting has been fighting to see the way donations were spent in 2014, and has now filed a criminal complaint against the charity with the Harris County District Attorney.

“These laws are useless if Ms. Anderson doesn’t vigorously enforce the right of all Harris County taxpayers to see how their money is spent,” says Dolcefino. “These charities are tax exempt as part of a contract with the people of Texas.”

Wounded veterans are being used as a tool to open doors on the hill and in the corporate world. Fundraising and lobbying is quite a lucrative business. Working for free? That’s just mincing words. How much business has Strategic Alliance conducted whilst traveling and conducting business on Helping a Hero dime? Though not illegal it is unethical. How many elected political and law enforcement officials have employed the services of Meredith Iler in their campaigning and fundraising? Where are they when their true constituents need them? Who has paid $50,000 to Meredith Iler for a meeting with Secretary Gates? She loves to brag about it along with her ability to graft 20% off of her fundraising ventures.

How much money has she made from Arbonne? How much Arbonne products did she buy with donor money? Did you donate money for Meredith Iler to buy makeup so that she could profit from it? Why not just write your check out to Arbonne? Look how much love she has for wounded veterans as she demonstrates it with her slanderous and defamatory scratching and clawing for survival.

There are plenty of organizations out there that help veterans without any unethical behavior whatsoever. Ask yourself why Meredith Iler is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the latest financials from being released.

Email Harris County TX District Attorney, Devon Anderson, and tell her to bring criminal charges.

Email: [email protected]

Here’s the court order that they have not adhered to:

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