While participating in the funeral procession for fallen Canadian soldier, a female veteran was pulled over by a Victoria police officer and given a $230 citation for having an obscured license plate.

Debbi Ferguson was shocked by the citation she received on Remembrance Day, the Canadian version of Veteran’s Day, while driving in the funeral procession for Pvt. Steve Allen, who reportedly died in a collapsed “tactical structure” being used in training, according to CTV News.

Ferguson told CBC News that when she first saw the offer’s flashing lights behind her car, she assumed he was joining the procession.

“That didn’t happen,” Ferguson told the news outlet. “He shouted out on his microphone to pull over immediately. We were just in shock.”

Already feeling emotional at the loss of a fellow comrade on a day set aside to honor those who served in the armed forces no less, Ferguson said,  “It’s hard on all of us veterans and soldiers that a fellow-man at arms would pull me over and pull me out of this escort.”

Although it is unclear exactly how Ferguson’s license plate was obstructed, she said it was clear that she was taking part in the honorary escort with a flag on her car and her hazard lights blinking.

News of Allen’s November 6th death at an Alberta training camp shocked and saddened Canadians. After the structure collapsed on the soldier, Allen was reportedly airlifted to a nearby hospital, where he died of his injuries. Another soldier sustained minor injuries in the accident, according to CTV News.

The Victoria Police Department is attempting to make up for the officer’s lack of respect for the scenario, calling the incident “regrettable.”

“We recognize that this report of a ticket being issued to fellow community members volunteering their time to see a compatriot home is regrettable,” the statement read. “This is especially true on a day when many members of our community, including many VicPD officers, were paying our own respects to the fallen,” a representative from the department said in a public statement.

It’s unknown if Ferguson will still be required to pay the fine or if she has been exonerated of the ticket given the situation.


Courtesy of Mad World News

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