SHAMEFUL! WWII Veterans Invited To Football Game Then Cheerleaders Take Knee During Anthem! (VIDEO)

This is shameful. Military veterans, including a WWII vet, were invited to a Pennsylvania high school football game where the National Anthem was performed by a Veterans of Foreign Wars Color Guard. Twelve of the fifteen girls on the cheerleading squad took a knee during the National Anthem. I don’t think these girls have any idea what they are doing… I’d bet this is peer pressure or just plain cluelessness.

The school board defended them saying that “symbolic speech is protected speech.” Right, because these same people are so open to freedom of speech when it comes to conservative views or Christianity. What bull crap. What an insult to those military veterans. This whole mess was started by Colin Kaepernick and now it is spreading everywhere. I’m deeply ashamed of these kids.

From Fox News:

Military veterans in attendance at a Pennsylvania high school football game Friday night were upset that several cheerleaders took a knee during the National Anthem performed by a Veterans of Foreign Wars Color Guard.


A school board official told the Cornell High School cheerleaders had the right to take a knee, and said “symbolic speech is protected speech.” One person at the game said about 12 out of the 15 girls opted to kneel.

“They don’t know what they are doing, them young kids,” Danny Larocco, a WWII veteran who enlisted in the military at about the age of the cheerleaders, told Channel 11 News. “They don’t know what they are doing.”

An image of the cheerleaders circulated online after the game in Coraopolis, northwest of Pittsburgh.

“You can’t continue to slap people in the face and not expect them to stand up,” Vicqari Horton, a junior tight end at a high school in Colorado, told The New York Times. “When Kaepernick kneeled, he gave us an outlet.” Really? I doubt that kid even knows what racism really is… he’s probably guilty of practicing it himself. The hypocrisy is uber deep when it comes to this subject.

Don’t you think parents should stand up and say enough already?! What next, taking a knee in Kindergarten?

A WWII veteran — Danny Larocco — who was just sixteen when he enlisted to fight the Japanese, had something to say about all this. Holding back tears, he said, “To see them do that and disgrace Coraopolis and that school, it made me sick. My friends and everybody else that served in the service, they have that right to be respected. We love our flag very much. We fought for it.” That entire school should be mortified, but they won’t be. They have no respect for our military, police or even for America herself.

It’s definitely Obama’s America.

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