Muslims Have Taken Over Several U.S. States And Forced New Law That Gives Them Full Sharia Control

Our country is being actively invaded as thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees continue to make their way to America. President Trump is doing everything in his power to stop this from happening, but liberals keep blocking Trump’s migrant ban, as they continue to prove themselves as the biggest allies of Muslim terrorists. As countless terrorists invade America, now we have an entirely new problem on our hands as Sharia patrols are now popping up in these Muslim-dominated areas. But unfortunately for Americans, things just got a whole lot worse after what several politicians just put into effect immediately that will make you absolutely livid

We’ve seen Sharia Zones popping up all across Europe as Muslims are making a bold and calculated move to take over the west. They’re now attempting to pull the same type of BS here in America in recent months, where back in April, Sharia Law police attempted to take over the refugee-dominated neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, demanding that Americans comply with “Allah’s’ commands” by not drinking, using drugs, or interacting with anyone of the opposite sex. You might remember 22-year-old Abdullah Rashid who made headlines several months ago, as he was the one leading Sharia patrols in the area, dressing up like a police officer with ISIS flags on his sleeves.

Rashid’s patrols were disturbingly the start of a new trend in Muslim-dominated areas where refugees have taken over.  Last week in Muncie, Indiana, Muslim refugee Khalid Sulaiman Bilal also began doing Sharia patrols of the small town, where he went to a local Goodwill store and began forcibly making employees and customers convert to Islam by choking and hitting people while screaming “Allahu Akbar” into their faces. The event that was so outrageous, it caught the attention of Homeland Security, who later conducted a full investigation and deported the Muslim back to Saudi Arabia. Fox 59 reported:

Khalid Sulaiman Bilal

“Police reports and documents filed by Homeland Security say people inside the store were threatened March 25 by a man who ‘forcefully’ tried to convert them to Islam. A store clerk also was choked and threatened with death if she didn’t convert.”

An earlier report of the incident by Fox59 after it happened described expounded on the horrifying ordeal that unfolded in the locked down store.

“Bilal allegedly entered the store and began forcefully trying to convert people to Islam while claiming to be the Prophet Muhammad and trying to place his hands on them. He struck and strangled an employee and told her he would kill her if she didn’t convert to Islam. He attacked responding officers, breaking one of the officer’s hands and repeatedly kicking the other. During the scuffle, Bilal yelled “allahu akbar,” a phrase meaning “God is greater” and commonly used by Islamic radicals before a violent attack, according to an affidavit filed by Homeland Security.”

As Sharia police are popping up all over the United States, what’s even more disturbing is how politicians are actively encouraging this type of behavior to continue, as many liberals are now launching all-out assaults on Americans who are speaking out against Muslims taking over American cities. In the very same city of Minneapolis that Abdullah Rashid was conducting his Sharia patrols back in back in April, now liberal mayor Betsy Hodges has just up a an anti-blasphemy hotline, where Muslims who feel offended over Americans criticizing their religion or their actions can now call in and rat them out. We reported last week:

Mayor Betsy Hodges

The city’s Department of Civil rights along with mayor is leading the charge for this government-enforced fascism, as this new hotline will now encourage citizens to turn in their neighbors for holding opinions deemed forbidden by the state. This hotline flies right in the face of our United States Constitution, where it goes to the heart of denying American citizens their inalienable rights of the First Amendment, which governments CAN NOT DO.

While we’d expect this type of government-enforced fascism to run rampant in cities that Muslims and rabid liberals are now controlling, what’s truly alarming is how Republican leaders are also selling us down the river in order to further the mission or radical Muslims across America. Last week we learned that Senator Marco Rubio has been working with al Qaeda-linked terror groups right here in the United States to get anti-blasphemy laws passed here in America, where startlingly, a huge piece of legislation was QUIETLY PASSED in the Senate, where it now sits before Congress.  Creeping Sharia reported:

“On April 4, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, ‘Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.’ The resolution was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmgageUSA (formerly EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).”

The Muslim that Rubio has co-authored the bill with was al Qaeda-linked terrorist Khurrum Wahid, who is not only on a terror watch list, but as a lawyer, worked to defend Omar Ahmed Abu Ali who tried to assassinate President George W. Bush!

Marco Rubio (left) al Qaeda-linked terrorist Khurrum Wahid (right)

We are being attacked on all fronts right now. Not only do we have thousands of unvetted migrants flooding to America (4,000 just in May alone), but we have Sharia patrols taking over parts of America, anti-blasphemy hotlines being set up to punish citizens for speaking out, and Republican traitors working with Muslim terrorists to get anti-blasphemy laws established in America. If WE THE PEOPLE to not start doing everything in our power to expose and stop what’s going on, America will soon be overrun by these third-world country vermin and we we will be CRIMINALIZED for speaking out about it!!!

Be sure to share this story and help expose what’s going on in our country! If we do not get a handle on this very quickly, our country as we know it will soon be gone! 




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