Shari’a Police patrolling the streets in Germany


Police-arrest-Sharia-Police-in-Wuppertal-GermanyA group of young Muslim men are being investigated by German police after they announced themselves as being ‘shari’a police’ while roaming the streets like a group of misfits harassing people who were taking part in various social activities and entertainment.

The men wore orange safety vests with the words “Shariah police” written on the back. Residents became alarmed when they saw what was going on and alerted local authorities. Police stopped the group of 11 men who were aged between 19 and 33, and a investigation is ongoing with pending charges.

These Muslim followers practice Salafism which is a puritanical  for of Islam, and is one of the fastest growing Islamic movements in the world right now.

The German government is taking steps to outlaw any further incidents by considering the Shari’a initiative act a provocation, which means any laws other than German law wont be permitted

the country’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated:

No Sharia laws will be tolerated on German soil. No one has the right to tarnish the good image of the German police,”

Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas said that “no illegal ‘parallel law’ will be tolerated,” as only the state is responsible for law compliance.


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