Sharia UK: Pork is removed from school menus across London


Step after heavy, dreadful step, Britain skulks into oblivion. It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide march.

They throw the Jews in for good measure, but let me assure you, this antisemitic country wouldn’t give the Jews the dirt off their shoes. Jews do not demand that ham or bacon be taken off the menus anywhere. They just don’t eat it. It’s that simple.

This is crushing submission to Muslim demands. Leave the Jews out of it, cowards. Jews are fleeing the UK in droves because of the violent hate of Muslim Jew-haters and their leftist lapdogs.
They throw the Jews in to somehow obscure their craven cowardice and submission to Islam.

Another victory for Islamic supremacists and sharia enforcers.

“Pork is removed from school menus across london borough”, The Times of London, February 14, 2015 (thanks to Abhijit)

Pork is off the menu at all primary schools across one london borough because of problems checking the diets of Jewish and Muslim children.

Bacon, ham, pork chops and sausages have not been served in primary schools in Islington, north London, since 2011. Schools found it too time-consuming and expensive to ensure young children did not accidentally eat proscribed products.

A council spokesman said: “Children, some as young as four, of different religious and ethnic backgrounds may not know which foods contain pork ……

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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