She Is A Wild Badass: Trump Campaign Manager Entered CNN And Demolished The TV Station To The Ground!

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has jumped into the political scene in full throttle. She has shocked some by appearing on a plethora of media outlets including the very progressively liberal MSNBC. But it is her recent interview on CNN that has people talking. And for good reason.

Watch the video of her interview here,

The interviewer asked her if Donald Trump intends on releasing his tax returns for the purposes of showing that he is under audit. Which is something he has claimed. She responded.

I don’t know. Why? Are you calling him a liar? Are you calling him a liar? And we’re taking Hillary Clinton’s word that she was overheated? Or that it’s pneumonia. Or she’s going to start talking to the press again. I mean seriously we are running against a Clinton and people are questioning our veracity?”

After her answer the interviewer brought up how the CEO of LinkedIn promised $4 million to veterans charities if Donald Trump releases his tax returns. She went on to mention that lawyers, IRS officials, and others have notated that he can legally release his taxes without fear of punishment. Conway responded,

“I hope that that man thinks so much of the veterans that he would give the veterans $5 million whether or not Mr. Trump defies the advice of his lawyers and accountant and releases his taxes. And I also ask you Allison, I’ve looked at the CNN polls, I just can’t find where this is a burning issue to most Americans.”

Without actually answering the question she basically answered with the standard point, it shouldn’t matter. The interviewer chimes in to say that the issue is a matter of transparency and whether voters can trust who they are potentially voting for.

Conway flat out said it is unlikely they will release Trump’s charitable contributions because they view it as bush league journalism in which they are being badgered. While she certainly had quick responses to the interviewer her answers certainly were lacking. Her responses was to pivot to Hillary every time.

Is anyone asking for evidence of Hillary’s pneumonia? Is anyone asking for evidence of Hillary being overheated? Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. She never answers a question flat out and simply deflects to the standard narrative, “but Hillary is worse!” Just because Hillary Clinton is a terrible choice doesn’t mean we should settle for an equally terrible candidate who lacks transparency.

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