She Just Gave A Simple Way To ‘Blow The Minds’ Of Your Liberal Friends (VIDEO)


via WJ: Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has a one-question quiz for liberals who want Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the White House.

“If you want to blow the minds of your liberal friends, ask them this: ‘What does Hillary really want: what’s best for this country or to be president?’” Lahren asked Thursday during her Final Thoughts segment on TheBlaze TV.

Lahren predicted the answer.

“Chances are they’ll tell you, ‘It’s her time’ or ‘She deserves it,’” she said.

Those responses cut no ice with Lahren.

“Excuse me, let’s get something straight,” Lahren said. “Being a woman does not qualify you to be president nor does it distinguish you from Obama. Someone remind Hillary of that, please.”

Lahren’s comments came at the end of a caustic summary of Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

In dissecting Clinton’s debate performance, Lahren said Clinton’s tactics were to “remind everyone you’re a woman, kind of, lie, call everything a right-wing conspiracy…detract and detract some more and then of course, start pandering.”

The Democratic field, which she summed up as “old, white, and if the pantsuit fits, male, too” included “the socialist, the semi-Republican, the no-names and, of course, the queen.”

“What a line-up from the party of diversity and youth,” Lahren said.

Lahren said Clinton gave the “same tired answer” to the “same tired question” about the scandal over Clinton’s use of a private email server and the investigation that has followed.

“It was a mistake, she takes responsibility — but not really,” Lahren said. “Textbook Clinton. She said the same thing about Benghazi, but what difference does it make, right?”

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