BAD News For Fox’s Shep Smith After What He’s Caught Doing To Trump On LIVE TV

Many people perceived Megyn Kelly as the most liberal or moderate anchor and newscaster employed by Fox News. However, Shep Smith just outdid her antics and distaste for President-elect Donald Trump. Shepard Smith stepped filled her liberal role on the news station but didn’t last nearly as long in it as she did after what he’s caught doing on live television to Trump backfired on him when he least expected it.


Everyone was applauding Donald Trump this past Wednesday for putting Jim Acosta of CNN in his place at a news conference where he refused to take his question, called him rude, and then said that his organization was fake news. However, Smith did not agree and defended Acosta and denounced Donald Trump for refusing to take his question.

Smith said the following on air,

“President-Elect Trump today told CNN’s Jim Acosta that his organization amounts to fake news. CNN’s exclusive reporting on the Russian matter was separate and distinctly different from the document dump executed by an online news property. Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents follow journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling or delegitimizing by the President-elect of the United States.”

However, CNN had spent the past twenty four hours reporting on the unverified reports sent out by Buzzfeed that indicated alleged ties between Donald Trump and Russia. Where they reportedly have a salacious dossier on him that is both personally and financially embarrassing.

But, many Fox News fans were very unpleased with Smith for defending the CNN reporter and organization in light of what they have done to the incoming Trump administration. So they took to Twitter to express their outrage and disgust. Look at their comments about Smith below… the year certainly are not kind,

Watch Shep Smith’s comments on the controversy here,

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