Sheriff Clark Just Went On Fox News And Destroyed Obama With Cold Hard TRUTH About Hillary (VIDEO)

Leave it to sheriff David Clarke to give liberals the wakeup call they desperately need.

Just the other day, Barack Obama took a break from playing the race card to play the woman card; arguing that the only reason people would oppose Hillary Clinton for President is due to sexism. “So that, like, when a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well, that’s OK. But when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you’re all like, ‘Well, why is she doing that?’ the most powerful man on the planet stated with a straight face.

Yes – he really blamed sexism for her dwindling poll numbers.

What exactly explained away Hillary’s poll numbers when she was ahead then? Sexism against men? Of course not.

Also, I’m a bit curios Obama – when people in the Democrat Primary back in 2008 voted for you over Hillary, was that also due to sexism? Or is that excusable as voters had to choose between being either “racist” or “sexist”? Who knows – I admittedly don’t know how to perform the mental acrobatics needed to be a leftist.

Here’s just a thought: sexism has nothing to do with it. Honestly, what do you think it doing more to dissuade voters from voting for Hillary; her genitals, or the fact that she’s currently subject to multiple FBI investigations? To ask such a question is to answer it.

Gender has nothing to do with it, and as Western Journalism reported, Clarke is laying the smack-down on Obama.

“Barack Obama for seven-plus years has played the race card … so now they’re going to switch and try to play the gender card,” he said on Fox News. “The problem is that the American public is tired of this class warfare.”

Clarke said Clinton’s issue is not her gender, but her honesty.

“The reason why they don’t like Mrs. Bill Clinton is not because she’s a woman,” Clarke said. “It’s because she’s dishonest and because she is hiding something: She’s hiding the truth.”

Clarke said he has trouble picturing Clinton as the passive victim of male oppression.

“She tries to play herself off as a victim like she’s Little Red Riding Hood, but she’s more like the Big Bad Wolf. As soon as you turn your back on her, she’ll bite you,” he said.

If sexism was a deciding factor in elections, Hillary would’ve never become the nominee in the first place. When she loses next Tuesday, she’s going to have no one to blame but herself – and her decades of scandals.

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