Sheriff Clark Hands Race-Baiting Moron His Ass After Announcing Sick Plan For America’s Police

Well known race baiter Al Sharpton has called for civil disobedience in retaliation for Trump’s cabinet picks. One friend that Sharpton has not made as a result is Sheriff David Clarke of Missouri. Clarke called him out for being a carnival barker and much more! Looks like Sharpton is getting more and more enemies by the day and this time it’s another African American high profile public figure.

Watch the clip of Clarke responding to Sharpton’s comments on national television,

Clarke pointed out how Sharpton should be the last person to make comments on the matter as he is relatively irrelevant. Noting how the democrats did not send him to Michigan, South Carolina, Pennsylvania or anywhere else for that matter. Because they knew he would be more of a detriment than an ally.

The sheriff went on to argue that Trump will be the best thing for a post-Martin Luther King Junior black America as he sees a group of people that are ripe for the American dream and not ripe for exploitation. Which is why he argues democrats failed to get out the black vote, unlike Donald Trump.

If it weren’t for people or better yet race baiters like Al Sharpton then many of the anti-Donald Trump protests would not have happened right after the presidential election. Because Sharpton, as well as George Soros and Michael Moore, shipped in buses of protestors for fake riots. They are nothing more than master manipulators who benefit off the marginalization of African Americans.

It is not just white politicians and people who take umbrage with Sharpton’s actions but other African Americans as well. People such as Sheriff Clarke who takes every opportunity he possibly can to call Al Sharpton out for who he really is. A detriment to our society.

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